The secret to taking a leap into your dream career

LinkedIn Poll results
  • A lack of clarity on my purpose and how I could apply that in my career
  • A lack of courage to take a leap out of my otherwise fairly comfortable, well paid job
  • A reputation for being good at my current job, which didn’t help my pursuit for something more meaningful
  • Defining career success as something other than continued progression up the career ladder
  • Committing to work for the better of others even if we don’t get recognised for it
  • Choosing to reject morally grey ways of getting results and apply high integrity leadership even when it might make things harder in the short term
  • Working hard to change a business or industry from the inside out
  • Making a career change when we are “too old” or have “golden handcuffs”

​The formula for career courage

Clarity on the leap

  • They might love what they do for a living but the culture at their current employer leads consistently to burnout or ethically grey decisions that take a mental toll
  • They may have been pursuing a career path without actually thinking about where they wanted to go, and want to retrain to change careers
  • They may feel uneasy about the choices their leadership is making, despite having a good culture and a job they like and want to move to a company they feel is having a more positive impact on the world
  • Person A may want to move to a competitor but feels uncertain about how that will impact their reputation and network
  • Person B might want to take on a less stressful job to support themselves while they study but feels uncertain about how they’ll make the budget work and what impact the career break will have on their reputation
  • Person C might want to move to a not-for-profit but is worried whether they are resilient enough to work there and nervous about giving up a corporate salary
  • For Person A, they desire a workplace environment that supports their wellbeing
  • For Person B, they want to shift their career into work they enjoy more
  • For Person C, they want to make a positive impact on society more directly

A range of choices

  • Person A might think their desired change of culture will come from moving jobs. But it could also come from changing teams, taking action to address the poor culture with leadership or working to create better behaviours in their sphere of influence.
  • Person B might think their desired career switch will come from retraining but it might also come from taking on voluntary work, saying yes to an opportunity to test their skills at their current company, or finding their first new job through networking (and likely a combo of all of the above!)
  • Person C might think their positive impact on society might come from working for a not-for-profit but it might also come from donating a percentage of their income to that not-for-profit, or serving those in need in their own local community on the weekend, or using their current job to make an impact on the causes of the social issue.

A note on the privilege of choices

Courage to take the leap



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