The guide to creating how might we statements for design thinking

(Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash)

Step 1: Define the business or customer need

Step 2: Identify the problem you are solving

Step 3: Reframe your problem to a how might we statement

Step 4: Test your how might we statement

  • They put a solution in the statement and constrain the volume and variety of ideas they generate
  • The question is too broad and teams are prompted to produce ideas that are too abstract to be actionable
  • The question over-simplifies the problem and makes it difficult for teams to be creative in the types of solutions they suggest

Test A: Can you think of more than one solution that answers your “how might we” question?

Test B: When you write ideas for your “how might we”, are those ideas things you can make or do?

Test C: Do your ideas feel like they over-simplify the problem?

Final note on testing

Step 5: Start generating solutions!



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